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20.08.2014 08:29, Andress E-mail :
I'm actually writting a dissertation on the 19th century British Bourgeoisie and I find your blog very interresting. However I would like to get the full reference on the chapter of Glibert Slater How the English people became landless, rather the page number, I've been searching on the net but it seems that only the Vol II is available. Merci beaucoup.

11.07.2013 07:49, AndyR E-mail :
A fascinating resource. Thank you.

11.11.2012 11:15, Fred Morgan from Salford UK E-mail :
If my 10 years in Elementary School (1929/39) had been spent learning about the Enclosure Act instead of it never being mentioned,I would have left school better equiped for life.

11.06.2012 19:33, Robin Smith from United Kingdom E-mail :
Please can you tell me who you are. I'm interested as a Georgist

Robin Smith

11.08.2011 11:03, Mark from N. Yorks E-mail Homepage :
I am researching the history of allotments for an article on the blog I have given the link for. I found your site to be very informative and I will be back for a more detailed look through your pages.

I am trying to fight for more allotments in my village and face an unhelpful parish council (so far) and willing supporters (that is they want allotments, but wish me well in campaigning!).

Interesting times we live in.

Thanks for recording an objective overview, it helps others remain focused.

All the Best


15.04.2011 14:14, Dan Sullivan E-mail :
I just wanted to know whose Georgist site this was, where you are, and whether you are involved in local political action.

07.03.2011 17:03, Jim Ebbage from Yorkshire E-mail :
Excellent site, well done creators & founders.
Still makes my blood boil, at the arrogant blatant thievery of all our lands & woods.
At the very same time, the Fop Doodle Dandies were stealing 32,000,000+ acres of our lands, they were hanging workers for stealing a loaf to feed their kids, & deporting workers for stealing a sheep, as we all know.
My father, a Coal miner, was from Barnsley, centre of the S.Yorks coalfield.
My entire family had been Blacksmiths, Miners, Rippers & Colliery faceworkers, Glass Blowers, lead smelters for over 200 years.
My Dad joined the Communist Party after the 1926 General Strike, when the Miners (2 Million+) stayed out for over a year.
The Mine owners demanded the workers work even longer hours, for LESS wages.
Dad brought us all up on hard line Stalinism, Tom Paine, Chairman Mao, Ho Chi Min, Chou En al...& he would be delighted to witness, from Workers Heaven, the next stage of Great Britain's own real (Non Jasmine more Black Pudding) Revolution.
The travesty of faux thespian rosy cheeked Blair & Moron Brown hi-jacking any semblance of Socialism is too Orwellian to believe.
Still sustained by the incredibly 'useful idiots', the comedic Millibands, who like most MPs have never held a proper job.
One of my pater's favourite old chestnuts, that still resonates strongly with when the striking coal miner was out on a moonlit night 'poaching', laying on his belly, tickling trout, to feed his family. On the other bank appeared Lord & Master with his serf gamekeepers, shouting out at the miner..'..Get off my land, & leave the fish alone! All this land & woods & this river belongs to me, my forefathers fought for it!'
The miner stood up & started taking off his jacket, ..and said..' Not a problem.Come on then, I'll fight THEE for it....That should sort out who really does own it!'
The sadness, to date of all the 'Revolutionary 'Leaders' their insane despotism, a la Castro, Mao, Stalin, Pol Pot, Burma, etc...How can the people be empowered without creating such FREAKS!?
Bless you all

06.02.2009 09:06, Richard Houlden E-mail :
Whilst reading Eric Hobsbawm I was suddenly stunned by the extent of the 18th century enclosures. Googled Enclosure Acts and came up with your site. How refreshing to find such a wealth of information which will help me to develop my own ideas, and access a wider network.


21.07.2008 12:59, david Homepage :
Very interesting articles, good work. Thank you

20.03.2008 22:35, Joan E-mail :
Great site - lots of useful reading

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Entries: 11
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